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Exchange Rates: This Dust

Alana Lake, The Flag of Bonnie Tyler, 2013, 200x92.5x150cm, Printed Flag & White Powder Coated Aluminum Flagpole

Curated by GSL Projekt as part of Exchange Rates

October 23-26, 2014

Reception: October 24, 6pm-10pm (Beat Nite 11)

Hours: October 23-26 12pm-6pm

TSA New York is pleased to be participating in Exchange Rates, an international exposition of artworks and art galleries in and around Bushwick, Brooklyn. GSL Projekt will be using our space to present This Dust, a group exhibition featuring Tai Yin Ho, Joey Holder, Hanna Ljungh, Marie Von Heyl, Alana Lake, Rita Macedo, Andrew Prayzner, and Naomi Reis.

We live in a world of constructed systems, but beyond the edges of our immediate reality lay infinite possibilities. One only needs to fall over the precipice to reach them – the artists in this exhibition use various aesthetic, visual and intellectual strategies to engage with those unknowns – whether they are of the now, the past, the present or of the future, within us or in the world outside.

The participating artists work in various media, from photography, installation and collage to film. Their often rigorous, conceptual focus is paired with an equally intense engagement with aesthetics.

GSL Projekt, an offshoot of Berlin based Galerie Suvi Lehtinen, is currently run as a collective enterprise, curating exhibitions in various international venues and collaborating with other curators.

For more information about Exchange Rates, including a complete listing of participating galleries and locations, please go to

TSA Flatfile program mentioned on Bushwick Daily


Thanks Bushwick Daily for featuring our Flatfile program and current show in A Newbie’s Guide to the Bushwick Art Scene (Select Galleries, Studios, Who is Who, and Where To Submit). To read the full piece, click here.
Rachael Gorchov: Making Strange


Martin Towers from behind Aetna Staircase, 2014, 24”x16”x9”, acrylic on handmade paper mache clay, burlap and wood

Rachael Gorchov: Making Strange

September 12 – October 19, 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, September 12, 7pm-10pm


TSA is pleased to present Making Strange, an exhibition of recent work by Rachael Gorchov.

The entry point to this work is the landscape of suburban, semi-public spaces: lawns, ponds, skies and flora, planned and invasive, that surround office and industrial complexes. Gorchov paints these elements with varying degrees of specificity, allowing image to collide, dissolve into and be convoluted by painterly gestural abstraction. The paint inhabits geometric and organic three-dimensional forms that hang on the wall, inviting gravity to a wrestling match with balance. The forms work in concert to frame and obscure, defamiliarizing omnipresent, ordinary environments.

After drawing and photographing onsite at commercial parks both inhabited and abandoned, Gorchov constructs conglomerated landscapes in her studio. Her aim is to highlight that which is hidden in plain view: the idiosyncratic, romantic, picturesque, calming, ominous, daydreamy, imaginary and secret. If you choose to spend time with these paintings, they will ask you to explore by walking around, ducking, tilting your head, craning your neck. The structures may be reminiscent of other things, the paint may accentuate or distract from the form for a disorienting experience, thus “making strange” – a translation of the term, coined by Russian Formalist Viktor Shklovsky, ostranenie: an artistic device to “impart the sensation of things as they are perceived and not as they are known.” By slowing the act of perception, the familiar is made new and unusual.

Rachael Gorchov received her BFA from Tyler School of Art and her MFA from Hunter College. She has participated in exhibitions at Harbor Gallery in Ridgewood, Queens; Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Philadelphia; The University of Massachusetts in Amherst; The Billboard Art Project; The English Folk Dance and Song Society in London; Galeria Arsenał in Białystok, Poland and has been featured on Gorky’s Granddaughter. Originally from Philadelphia, Gorchov lives and works in New York City.

Rachael Gorchov: Making Strange - Bushwick Daily Pick


We are pleased to have Rachael Gorchov: Making Strange as a pick in Temperatures Rising: Top Art Picks Heating Up the Weekend by Katie Killary. See the full piece here.

Naomi Reis Artist Talk

TSA member Naomi Reis has work in Back to Eden at the Museum of Biblical Art, which is open through September 28. 2014.

Lina Puerta, Naomi Reis and curator Jennifer Scanlan will be giving an artist talk and walk-through of the show on August 5 at 6:30pm:

Planting the Seed: The Garden as Symbol in Contemporary Art
Artist talk with curator Jennifer Scanlan and Lina Puerta
Tue August 5, 2014, 6:30pm
Museum of Biblical Art
1865 Broadway at 61st Street, NY, NY

For more information on the event, click here.
To Tiger with Love reviewed on KnightArts


Thanks KnightArts for reviewing To Tiger with Love featuring the work of TSA NY member, Rachael Gorchov. To read the full review, click here.

Alex Paik and Rachael Gorchov in Family Style


Family Style
Formerly Pocket Utopia
191 Henry Street, LES, NYC 10002
Opening Reception: Tuesday July 22, 6-9pm.
On view July 22 - August 24
Wed - Sun, 12 - 6pm

Curated by July Torres

Featuring: Ky Anderson, Meg Atkinson, Liz Atzberger, John Avelluto, Inna Babaeva, Emily Berger, Annie Blazejack, Maria Britton, Melissa Capasso, Ginny Casey, Lauren Collings, Jonathan Cowan, William Crump, Kevin Andrew Curran, Georgia Elrod, Sessa Englund, Ryan Michael Ford, Matthew Neil Gehring, Enrico Gomez, Rachael Gorchov, Libby Hartle, Jay Henderson, Fran Holstrom, Mary Judge, Mona Saeed Kamal, Leslie Kerby, Wendy Klemperer, William Eckhardt Kohler, Ellen Letcher, Geddes Levenson, Amy Lincoln, Meg Lipke, Rebecca Litt, JJ Manford, Chris Moss, Seth Mulvey, Rebecca Murtaugh, Fran O’Neill, Alex Paik, Jamie Powell, James Prez, Ben Pritchard, Jenna Ransom, Alexandra Rubinstein, Anne Russinof, Karen Schifano, Jennifer Shepard, Julia Sinelnikova, Elisa Soliven, Maxwell Stevens, Austin Thomas, Kati Vilim, Maria Walker, Albert Weaver, Rachael Wren, Becky Yazdan

For more information visit

To Tiger with Love: A Five Year Anniversary


To Tiger with Love
A Five Year Anniversary
Tiger Friends Forever
July 11 - July 26, 2014
Reception Friday July 11, 6-10pm

You are cordially invited to attend the joyous and auspicious event of Tiger Strikes Asteroid’s five year anniversary!!! We will be featuring small works from Tiger Strikes Asteroid members, past and present and from our sister space, TSA / New York. Due to the July 4th Holiday, the opening celebration/reception will be on Friday, July 11th from 6-10pm.

Featuring: Jaime Alvarez, Todd Baldwin, Adam Blumberg, Vincent Como, Keith Crowley, Will DiBello, Terri Saulin Frock, Tim Gierschick, Rachael Gorchov, Yin Ho, Ezra Masch, Ryan Mccartney, Alex Paik, Nathan Pankratz, Matt Phillips, Joanna Platt, Caroline Santa, Anne Schaefer, Matthew Sepielli, Douglas Witmer

For more information, click here.

In the Office of the Drunken Monkey


Left: Dustin London, Untitled, 2012, 12”x10”, Micaceous Iron Oxide on Panel (Lines Incised)
Dona Nelson, Small Animal Painting One, 2014,12”x16”, string, acrylic paint and acrylic mediums on canvas

In the Office of the Drunken Monkey
Curated by Christopher Ulivo and Julian Kreimer

August 8 – September 7, 2014

Opening Reception: Friday, August 8, 7pm-10pm


Featuring: Brian Scott Campbell, Rubens Ghenov, Rachael Gorchov, Lucia Hierro, David Humphrey, Julian Kreimer, Margrit Lewczuk, Dustin London, Rebecca Morris, Dona Nelson, Devin Troy Strother, Christopher Ulivo, Stephanie Washburn.

Drunken Monkey is a Kung Fu style that uses (real or faked) intoxication to create confusion and deflection. It relies on an intimate knowledge, and canny disregard for the rules of the game.

The office is a removed place where abstract symbols—charts, maps, and visualizations—are manipulated to impact the outside world. It demands an understanding of complex organization, and of the delicate interactions between meaning-systems and individuals.

These artists, cross-geographical and cross-generational, rely on the tension between structured systems (the office) and the intuitive, unexpected moves usually associated with elevated or altered states.

The extremes of that spectrum can be seen in Dona Nelson’s material wildness and fervent splashes to the tight control on display in Dustin London’s floorplan-like drawings. Margrit Lewczuk’s rhythmic painting elicits the kind of mind-bending patterns that emerge after hours of staring at screens while David Humphrey’s Flower with its smooth curved leaves and chunky petals looks like it was made before and after happy hour. The frustrations and manic energy of production are depicted by Brian Scott Campbell’s drawings, and underlie Julian Kreimer’s space-clashing abstraction.

The office emerges as an architectural and mental touchstone in many of the works: Rachael Gorchov’s blue-glaze painting on ceramic literally depicts the exterior of an office park, and the geometry of office interiors emerges from Rubens Ghenov’s abstraction. Stephanie Washburn’s juxtapositions of found photos and objects evoke the everyday jumbled aesthetics of workplaces, while Lucia Hierro’s felt pieces stitch together different worlds coexisting in New York. Several of the artists mess with the ‘structure’ of history: Devin Troy Strother merges modern art myths with tropes of contemporary blackness, Rebecca Morris brings unexpected intensity to the playful aesthetic commonly associated with Memphis Milano designs, and Christopher Ulivo’s egg-tempera paintings depict history that might have been.

In the Office of the Drunken Monkey featured in Art Haps August in Pictures


We’re happy to have In the Office of the Drunken Monkey featured in Art Haps’ August in Pictures.

Click here to read the full text.

In the Office of the Drunken Monkey - Bushwick Daily Pick


We are pleased to have In the Office of the Drunken Monkey as a pick in No, It’s Not Over Yet! Six Art Events to Get you Through the End of August by Allison Galgiani. See the full piece here.